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Inspire, Create, Succeed: The Magazine for Creative Women in Business

Welcome to Kreative Plug Magazine, where creativity meets business savvy, and women entrepreneurs rule the world! We're not just any ordinary magazine—we're a proud branch of Purposely Kreative Design Studio, founded by yours truly, a creative business owner on a mission to empower and inspire fellow women in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Here at Kreative Plug Magazine, we've got one goal in mind: to be your ultimate go-to resource for all things related to starting and growing a creative business. We know firsthand the challenges, triumphs, and hilarious moments that come with running your own show. That's why we've created a space where you can find practical tips, real-life stories, and a good dose of laughter to keep you going.


 From insightful articles on marketing strategies to interviews with kick-ass women who've made it big in their creative ventures, we've got you covered. We'll dish out practical advice, share inspiring stories, and even throw in some relatable "oops" moments that'll make you say, "Yep, been there, done that!”


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